About ELE Australia Pty Ltd

The strength of our company is in its people, our people are dedicated to the challenges that encompass life and the many different ways resources can be utilised to meet the direction and appropriate outcomes as required.

As a team we see that there is no one single answer to the “Green Energy” solution, that each solution currently being developed is assisting in its areas of specialisation, though the Electromagnetic Liquid Engine goes a long way down the evolution track to utilise current technology that is cheap and clean, to develop engines that will be seen as a well thought out answer to pollution issues and resource utilisation issues.

We have taken a unique approach to satisfy our customers needs and wants and also simultaneously to answer all their questions and to air their fears about the effectiveness and efficiency of our product. The company identified that the consumer testing our product will prove our product to even the most resistive and questionable customer.

We are a customer and market focused organization, aiming in sharing responsibility for customer satisfaction. We will accomplish this paradigm shift through the implementation of a balanced and continuous market research for energy needs and technology demands of not only our initial customers, but for various sectors of the community and industry.




Management Team

We have an experienced management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience and unique administrative skills.

We have compiled an extensive list of customers and potential customers, vendors and contacts for the success of the business.




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