The ELE Proof-of-Concept is based on a modified 63cc two stroke, single cylinder engine. Required modifications to enable the engine to run on flash steam are completed. The patent-pending injector and steam generator have been connected to the engine and initial testing conducted.

There are 2 short videos available:

Injector, showing the injector firing.

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First run, showing the engines first run.

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The below image is an explanation of the components shown in this video.


Results from the initial testing are very promising. The next test being conducted is to load the engine by turning a generator, readings will then be taken from input and output power meters. Our target for this proof-of-concept is to achieve 80% efficiency. The final testing of the proof-of-concept is in progress and we will publish those results as soon as they are available.



products_coreengine ELE Core engine and generator

products_solarele ELE Solar unit


There are numerous configurations possible with the ELE Solution. The initial ELE prototype is based on the rotary Wankel as it has 3 moving parts in dual chamber (rotor) form. Another preference is the turbine. However, as over 98% of the worlds engines for power generation and transportation usage are piston engines, the ELE solution is adaptable to convert all existing piston engines, be they two or four stroke, petrol or diesel, single or multicylinder.


Progress Update

Final testing will be conducted on the Proof-of-Concept, information on efficiency will be published on this website soon.

We are now preparing for the prototype phase of operation which encompasses a pilot period. The pilot period is being conducted in two residential properties and two small dairy farms. The prototype units in the pilot phase are ELE Solar CHP (Combined Hot water and Power) units.






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