Business Plan

Currently the green industries employ many green forms of energy (wind power, geothermal, solar panels) that are not as robust or scalable as the Electromagnetic Liquid Engine solution. The aim of the green industry is to give affordable energy with limited or no damaging impact to the environment and to reduce the carbon foot print and slow down the accelerated rate of damage from the use of fossil fuels.

We see our technology expanding the existing green industry, into all avenues of domestic and industry that require power or utilise an engine of any type as some form of power or locomotion device.

Once we are established in the green energy industry, we will progress to the transport industry.


Markets that our technology will be directed at initially are as follows:

Domestic and small business electrical power, to supply off grid and on grid power generators and combined hot water and power (CHP) units.

Farming and Industry, to supply the electrical needs of the farmers, reducing their costs and increasing their efficiencies.

Mining industry, to supply generators for power and other such type activities, allowing much more portability. Also supplying replacement engines for pumps and other such devices that utilise a fossil fuelled engine of any type to remove the carbon footprint.

Electromagnetic Liquid Engine

The Electromagnetic Liquid Engine can meet the current and future energy requirements and elevate Australia in the world market by reducing, if not doing away with the use of fossil fuels in many area’s of industry.

As a result Australia will become the prime country leading the world in green energy.





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