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ELE Australia views all current green energy developers and producers, not as competitors, rather we deem these fellow green energy developers as collaborators that we can assist each other to jointly use our technology with theirs and visa a versa.

Overall the Electromagnetic Liquid Engine will be cheaper, modular to build, expandable and adaptable, it has a very low carbon footprint and can assist those industries with credits against the carbon taxes of the future.

We have a world wide patent application in progress and as patents are granted for our technologies, we will make further details available.

The first target markets that will be addressed is the domestic, small farming and small business markets. Followed by the large farming industry and other industrial sectors. Each industry will have detailed strategic and tactical design to meet and interpret that specialised industry.

The overall marketing strategy is to sell the product as clean and green energy that can be utilised in all areas.  The product is cost effective, durable, mobile and scalable to meet any sized applications, from small to extremely large projects.

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We are actively seeking venture capital from prospective investors to join us. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our business plan, technology or for the offer document. 




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